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Tax treaties

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Tax treaties

The interactive map below shows current tax treaties in force with Malta.

    • Hover over countries to see Dividends, Interest and Royalties Withholding Tax rates.
    • Zoom & pan the map (zoom by mousewheel, click & drag map to pan).
    • The map is also responsive – it auto adjusts its size for small screens. Try to resize browser’s window!

View and download the latest printable version of Malta’s tax treaties.

  Treaty active
  (**) Treaty pending
  No treaty
*   These withholding tax rates do not emerge from the treaty but from domestic law.
WHT   Withholding tax rate
  Rates indicated are as a percentage
Last updated: 26.06.17

  1. Most of the above treaties provide for lower withholding taxes for certain types of interest and royalty payments
  2. Domestic legislation of the payor country may reduce the withholding tax on royalty payments in certain instances.