Deloitte Tax Bundle 2016

A selection of Maltese tax laws compiled and published by Deloitte with the permission of the Ministry for Justice, Culture and Local Government.

Deloitte Tax Bundle Plus (2016 edition)

The NEW companion to the Deloitte Tax Bundle which brings together Malta’s tax treaties as well as relevant EU and international instruments.

The Deloitte Tax Bundle website has been updated to meet new brand requirements whilst also leveraging responsive platform development. The latest edition of the Deloitte Tax Bundle is being made available in searchable PDF format. While the previous site is still available, it will no longer be supported and the Flipbook resource has been removed as it's contents are no longer applicable. Should you wish to access the previous version, please email us. The previous site will remain available for a certain amount of time until eventually being removed and resources migrated to this platform. Please update your bookmarks in the meantime.